Your eyes play an important role in your overall health. When your eyes become impacted by harmful UV rays, this can negatively impact your daily activities. That's why it's vital to protect your eyes with sunglasses. If you need help choosing the right pair of prescription sunglasses, our friendly staff at Wilkins' Opticians can help. Our optometrist, Dr. Donald Kramer, has dedicated his career to helping residents of Spartanburg, SC, get the care they need to protect their eyes through sunglasses and other optometry services.


Do I Need Prescription Sunglasses?

If you have a pre-existing eye disorder, it's important to get a pair of prescription eyeglasses to help you see clearly. Prescription sunglasses can provide a wide range of benefits for people with pre-existing eye conditions. These include:

  • Allowing them to see while driving in bright weather
  • Allowing them to play sports in the bright sun while still being able to see clearly
  • Adding an extra layer of protection against UV rays
  • Adding style to their everyday wardrobe without compromising on eye health or protection

What Are UV Rays?

UV rays are also called ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays are those produced by the sun. They can be harmful to the eyes and can cause a variety of eye disorders. These include:

  • Cataracts
  • Floaters
  • Skin cancer around the eye or eyelids
  • Corneal sunburn
  • Macular degeneration

Although you can protect your skin from UV rays through sunblock, it's important to take the necessary precautions to protect your eyes from UV rays? One of the best ways is to wear sunglasses.

Do I Need Prescription Sunglasses?

Cheap sunglasses will not provide the same level of protection or allow you to see clearly as prescription sunglasses will. If you spend time outside, such as playing sports or working in jobs outdoors, have a prescription for eyeglasses already, and want to continue to protect your eyes, prescription sunglasses are the perfect fit for you.

How Our Optometrist Helps

Our optometrist will determine the right prescription needed for you during your next eye exam. We can also help you choose the right frame to match your face and style that's best suited for your daily needs. These include wrap-around frames for people who play sports or transitional lenses. Transitional lenses only turn dark in the sun, providing instant protection outside and clear vision while inside.

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