Color Blindness

Color Blindness

Color blindness affects many people. If you suffer from color blindness then it means that your eyes do not see color properly. Normal eye pigments mean that your eyes can see all colors the way they are. However, pigment issues with your eyes suggest color blindness. If you believe you are suffering from color blindness, the first step is to visit an eye doctor. At Wilkins’ Opticians, we have years of experience identifying and addressing the colorblindness of Spartanburg residents.

Causes & Symptoms

Sometimes, color blindness is the result of inherited genes. These genes cause faulty photopigments. However, color blindness may also be caused by:

  • Physical or chemical damage to the eye
  • Optic nerve damage
  • Cataracts
  • Damage to sections of the brain that process color info
  • Age

People that have mild symptoms may not be aware that they are color blind. You may not be aware your child is color blind until they begin learning colors. Symptoms of color blindness include:

  • Difficulty seeing colors and their brightness in a normal way
  • Not being able to differentiate between similar colors or shades. This is most common in blue and yellow or red and green.

Diagnosis & Treatment

To accurately diagnose color blindness, our optician will perform a simple test consisting of multi-colored dots. People who are not color blind will be able to see shapes and numbers among the dots. However, color blind individuals will not be able to see the pattern within the dot.

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for color blindness. There are special lenses, both glasses, and contacts, that can help. Certain forms of color blindness can be alleviated by first determining its underlying cause. Wilkins Opticians can help you make an accurate diagnosis.

Color Blindness Testing in Spartanburg

If you suspect you or a family member is experiencing color blindness, Wilkins’ Opticians is ready to assist you. We are the only practice that offers color blindness assistance in an 80-mile radius. For more information on color blindness or to schedule an appointment, call us at (864) 585-2249.