Contact Lens Exams

When you're looking for vision correction, you have two options. You can either have glasses or contacts. Most people opt to have both if they choose contacts, even if they choose to wear contacts most of the time. If you're thinking about contacts, our optometrist at Wilkins' Opticians in Spartanburg, SC, is here to help. We can help you understand the difference between contact lenses and eyeglasses and why you may benefit from using them.


Determine Your Prescription

Your contact lens prescription will be different than your eyeglass prescription. Eyeglasses sit an inch away from your eyes, and contacts sit directly on your cornea. Our optometrist will need to perform an eye exam for contacts to determine your prescription. We will also need to measure your eye to ensure a proper fit.

Discuss Your Lifestyle

Our eye doctor will want to know about your lifestyle to determine the best type of lenses for you. The contact lenses we provide include:

  • Daily lenses are thrown out every day after use.
  • Weekly lenses are thrown away and replaced once a week.
  • Bi-weekly lenses are thrown away and replaced every two weeks.
  • Monthly lenses are thrown away and replaced once a month.
  • Extended wear lenses can be worn for 30 days straight without needing to remove them.
  • Colored contacts can change the color of your eyes and help you see clearly.

Our optometrist will need to know about your lifestyle to fit you with contacts that will be most convenient for your needs.

Contact Lens Teaching

When the best pair of lenses for you is selected, you will be given a trial pair of lenses to wear for a week or two. Before you can leave the office with your contacts, you will need to sit down with one of our technicians for a contact lens teaching. We will teach you how to properly insert and remove the lenses. We will also teach you to clean and care for your contacts.

Follow-Up Appointment

Before you leave the office on the day of your exam, we will schedule your follow-up appointment in a week or two. This visit is to ensure that you can see clearly and that your contacts are comfortable. If you have any issues, necessary adjustments can be made. If the contacts are working well, you can order your supply on the day of your follow-up appointment.

Visit Us for Your Next Eye Exam with Our Optometrist in Spartanburg, SC

If you are interested in contact lenses, schedule an appointment with our team at Wilkins' Opticians. We treat patients in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas. Our optometrist can fit you with a pair of contacts that are perfect for your daily needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help maintain your eye and vision health.