Pediatric Eye Exam

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care

Nothing is worse than having to watch your child suffer from health issues. This includes vision disorders. Vision disorders can impact your child's ability to complete day to day activities. It can cause them to do poorly in school and affect their overall ability to enjoy life. What's worse, it can be difficult to know whether your child has a vision disorder without professional help.


Fortunately, we at Wilkins' Opticians are here to help your children see clearly and recover from vision disorders! Our optometrist in Spartanburg, SC, and the rest of our staff have experience conducting pediatric eye care and eye exam appointments for children and adults.

When to See a Pediatric Eye Doctor

All infants aged 6 months should visit a pediatric eye doctor. This is especially important if you notice any physical abnormalities of the eye, such as:

  • Lazy eye
  • Crossed eyes

You should continue to visit your family eye doctor when your child is three years old, when they are five years old, and every one to two years afterward.

However, if your child has a vision disorder, including:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism

It's best to visit an eye doctor annually. They will be able to provide your child with a pediatric eye exam and eye care.

How an Eye Exam Can Help

Your child might not be aware they have a vision disorder, or they might be too shy to speak up about it. This is especially true if they do not want to wear glasses or visit the doctor.

If you notice your child:

  • Must sit in front of class to see clearly
  • Squints constantly
  • Complains of frequent headaches
  • Complains of blurry vision
  • Constantly rubs their eyes
  • Does poorly in school due to not seeing clearly

These can all point to the need for a pediatric eye exam. An eye exam will be able to determine if they have a vision disorder, test for alignment, test their ability to focus and track objects, and help determine the strength of an eyeglass’s prescription (if needed).

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