Strabismus Diagnosis and Treatment

Strabismus, also known as crossed eyes, involves the misalignment of the eyes. This is because the muscles meant to control the eyes are not able to keep the eyes aligned. Our eye doctor is equipped to diagnose the various forms of strabismus. Wilkins' Opticians in Spartanburg can provide optometry care, including treatment for strabismus and other conditions. Before your diagnosis, there are a few things you need to know about strabismus.


Strabismus Causes

Generally, strabismus is caused by neuromuscular abnormalities. The condition typically has a genetic component. In some cases, people with this condition also have refractive errors, poor vision in one eye, brain tumors, head injuries, or cerebral palsy. Our optometrist will assess the cause of your strabismus to find the appropriate solution to treat the problem. In many cases, strabismus does have a treatment solution.

Strabismus Symptoms

The symptoms of strabismus often occur in children. After a few months, you may begin to notice signs of strabismus, though sometimes it can take years for the symptoms to appear. Generally, the main symptom that people notice is that the eyes appear to face each other. They may both point to the nose when they are in a neutral position. The eye muscles are working too hard, shifting the eyes out of alignment.

Strabismus Treatment

Several treatment options are available for strabismus. The most common treatment option is wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Corrective action can cause the eyes to spend less effort focusing on what is in front of them. Medications, including ointments and eye drops, can be helpful. You may also benefit from special prism lenses that reduce the work placed on the eyes. In some cases, eye exercises can help. However, if exercises do not help, you might have to consider surgery.

Do You Need Treatment for Strabismus?

If you do not get treatment for the condition, strabismus can lead to a variety of complications. These include headaches, fatigue, blurry vision, and a lazy eye. Many people also feel self-conscious when they have noticeable strabismus. Our team can alleviate these conditions and restore your confidence through a personalized treatment plan.

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