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Eye Allergy Treatment

Eye allergies will affect most people at some point in life. However, as well all know, some people will suffer more than others from eye allergies, especially during the Spring through Autumn months. Here at Wilkins' Opticians in Spartanburg, we specialize in treating many eye conditions and serving the needs of persons seeking eye care. Here, we wish to briefly discuss some pressing concerns people have about eye allergies to answer your questions and hopefully relieve some discomfort.


Questions & Treatments for Eye Allergies

How to Treat Swollen Eye

Swollen eyes or eye swelling can be caused by a lack of sleep or by an allergic reaction. It is caused by fluid retention in the eye, and it can be distressing if not painful. A swollen eye can sometimes be treated at home. However, if the condition is painful, recurring, or chronic, it is strongly advised that you visit your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Allergic Conjunctivitis 

This is a condition that occurs when the eye becomes tender, or inflamed, and can even be painful. The treatment of this condition requires both prevention and treatment. Those whose allergies are acute enough to regularly cause this problem must avoid open-air during allergy season and be prepared with allergy drops and possibly other medications such as antihistamines. steroid eye drops may be necessary for those with recurring conjunctivitis. 

Allergy Drops 

Many people with eye allergies find they need allergy eye allergies drops as a part of everyday self-care. Such persons will eventually become accustomed to self-administering these drops. But for those who are new to allergy drops, here is a helpful tip; Position yourself lying on your back and aim the dropper directly over your eye. The hard part is avoiding blinking before the drop goes in. To prevent blinking, simply look away before dropping the medicine into your eye. This will prevent the flinching reflex from firing and make it much easier to get your medicine into your eye. To administer eye drops for kids, it is best to have a trusted adult to help until the child is ready to self-administer.

Swollen Upper Eyelid 

Another common manifestation of conjunctivitis, a swollen eyelid can be uncomfortable, but it is usually preferable to a swollen eye. Like eye swelling, those who develop this condition frequently need to take preventative measures to avoid allergens and be ready with allergy eye drops and other medications, as necessary. 

Itchy Watery Eyes

Itchy eyes and watery eyes are common symptoms of mild to moderate eye allergies. Watery eyes can be problematic if the wateriness is acute, and especially if you need to operate machinery. Itchy eyes will frequently be followed by watery eyes and can be especially bothersome. Simple medications such as allergy eye drops can help. It is especially important to avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands or with anything that may not be sanitary.

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Many home remedies can be quite helpful. However, if your condition persists, it is best to have an eye exam by an optometrist.