Frames for Different Faces

Frames for Different Faces in Spartanburg, SC

Here at Wilkins' Opticians in Spartanburg, we carry a wide selection of eyewear. This includes plastic and metal frames in many different shapes, colors, and finishes. Somewhere in all of these great options is a pair that's just right for you. However, it can be hard to know where to start looking. Here are a few tips for narrowing things down when choosing your next set of frames.


What Is Your Face Shape?

People change their glasses roughly every three years, and some spend years being miserable in every pair they choose. With our wide array of glasses options, you get to select one that accentuates your facial features. Here are the six basic face structures and the category of eyeglass frames that fit best on each face shape:

Oval Face

Some oval faces are slightly longer rather than wide with a straight jawline. To retain the proper symmetry of an oval face shape, select frames that are as broad as your face or lighter wider. Frames with a walnut shape are the ideal selections for oval faces, while ornamental or contrasting temples can expand the longer face.

Heart Face

When both sides of the upper face are wide and the lower section is narrow, it's referred to as heart-shaped, requiring frames with a wide bottom. Rimless frames and subtle colors are ideal.

Square Face

If your jawline is firm and almost equally proportioned with your upper and lower face, then you have a square face. Narrow and wide frames make a face appear elongated.

Diamond Face 

If your forehead and chin area are narrow and your cheekbone area is a bit wider, it's called a diamond-shaped face, and clarifying frames that have specific brow lines, no-rim or cat-eye patterns will best suit you.

Round Face 

If your face is circular, meaning no angles, you have a round face and narrow angular eyeglass. Rectangular and clear bridge frames are great options.

Triangular Face

The upper area of the face is narrow, and the lower area-wide when you have a triangular-shaped face, and frames that are strongly detailed at the upper part are ideal, including cat-eye frames. 

Frames to Match Skin, Eye & Hair 

You have to be mindful of the shape of your face, skin tone, eye, and hair color when choosing a pair of eyeglasses frames. The best eyeglasses will complement your face, eyes, and hair coloration.

Skin complexion

Cool or warm are the two categories that complexions fall under, so when you're choosing glasses frames, the lighter hues go with warm skin, and the earth tones suit the warm skin color.

Eye color

Next to choosing a frame to match your face's shape ensures that it works well with your eye color. It's not an easy feat since there are so many eye color deviations. Going under different lighting with the frame will help you choose one that matches your eye color. 

Hair color

There are so many hair colors, but you'll be surprised to know that many frames work with multiple hair colors. The more colorful your eyes and hair are, the more subtle you should choose an eyeglasses frame color. While everything may appear a bit technical and might overwhelm you, remember that our team of eye care professionals are ready to guide you.

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